The First Golf Pants for Shorter Men

The First Golf Pants for Shorter Men

Taking a closer look at the new Felix Flex golf pants from Under 510 that are made in shorter inseam lengths to fit short men perfectly! We also take a look down memory lane and review some of the best style transformations to date from pro golfers like Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, and Brooks Koepka!
Golf Pants for Short Men

Golf Pants for
Short Men are Here!

One of the trendiest items in menswear right now is golf pants. But what exactly are golf pants?

To understand golf pants, one should first understand the term "athleisure." Athleisure is a new category of clothing for both men and women that describes athletic wear that can also be worn for casual or loungewear, hence the term is a combination of the words athletic and leisure-wear.

But the continual casualization of business casual attire has seen athleisure become prominent in work environments. That’s because a lot of athleisure consists of clean, good looking, and most importantly, extremely comfortable clothing! Thus, what would have been an abomination 10 years ago - wearing sweatpants to work - has become a perfectly acceptable (and even stylish!) way of dressing for the modern man.

Check out this shot of Phil Mickelson from 2010 - he may have been a winner on the green, but let's be honest; his fit could use a major upgrade! (

Guys like Dusin Johnson have quickly become real-world fashion models - with the golf course being the runway! (

So where do golf pants join the party? Traditionally, golfers have worn all cotton chino/khaki-like pants to the links. But, obviously cotton can be heavy and retain moisture rather than wick it away. Only in the last decade has the fabric industry found a way to incorporate stretch into clothing - and it has certainly taken over. It's more difficult than not to find a pant without stretch these days. As a result, many have made the switch, especially those who need a bit of extra give in their pants - that includes anyone from construction workers and their blue jeans, to golfers and their golf pants.

This picture was taken in 1997, when Tiger Woods won his first championship. You can easily observe that all the focus was on the trophy and not on the outfit. Look at how baggy his pants are! (

Luckily, Tiger's win in 2019 wasn't the only thing redeemed that day. Rocking his iconic red polo shirt, Tiger sports a slim fitting and tapered pair of golf pants for a winning look to go along with his green jacket! (

This alarming photo of Rory Mcllroy shows just how far golf fashion has come over the last decade. You can bet that baggy pants, oversized v-neck sweaters, and mullets won't be seen on the links any time soon. (

Strike a pose! Rory's tranformation to the number 1 golfer in the world has been coupled with a keen fashion sense as well. You have to appreciate this clean color coordination! (

As with a lot of fashion trends, clothes usually start off as functional items and then evolve into fashion statements after some upgrades. For golf pants, it was taking a traditionally straight cut pant, and giving it a tapered leg with fun colors and patterns. It didn’t take long for the leading athleisure brands to catch on and whip up some of the most stylish and functional golf pants ever made!

Take a look at some of the latest trends we’ve seen from the best golfers in the world. From Brooks Koepka to Rory Mcllroy to Justin Thomas, these guys know what they’re doing.

Justin Thomas is one of the younger golfers and has been known to take some risks with his outfits in addition to his high octane golfing style. Someone ask to bring argyle back eh?! (

Thomas made a bold statement with this look in 2017 wearing a tie and cardigan on the golf course. Hopefully it didn't detract from his play at all! (

Golf apparel doesn't only come in the form of pants. Here is a shot of Brooks Koepka looking aboslutely mighty in a camo knit polo shirt. (

So where does Under 510 come in? Well, like every other pant, it is nearly impossible to find golf pants in shorter inseams below 30 inches. We have not one, but two different pants that can easily be your new reliable golf pants next time you step up to the tee.

First up is our Jon Performance Pant - it's a midweight, ultra-stretchy pants made from 100% stretch fabric. If we put some striped on the side, you would feel totally feel like these were athletic pants because they are so flexible and elastic. Although we could have designed them to look more appropriate for the gym, we wanted to give you the option to style them the way you want! So we gave them slant pockets, a button closure with zip fly, and a clean silhouette with minimal branding. The result is a pant that look great dressed up with a dress shirt and dress shirt, but also looks great in sportier setting with a t-shirt or polo shirt. Of course, the Jon pants make excellent golfing pants for short guys because you want pants that move with you and don't inhibit your range of motion, but still look sharp enough to fit in with the other guys at the country club. As always, the Jon pants come in inseams, 26", 27", 28", and 29" and are available in 3 colors; blue, black, and gray.

Second is the Felix Flex (currently sold out) - a true golf pant that not only performs but looks great off the green as well. A perfect addition for your men's summer outfits! The ultra lightweight fabric is a poly-spandex blend is quick drying and moisture wicking, perfect for summer heat waves. The best part of the Felix is that although they are styled after a golf pant, they’re more likely to be seen off the course, say, in the office, at the beach, or at the bar. You can dress them down with a polo or a t-shirt, but just as easily dress them up with a button down shirt and a blazer. The Felix is most likely going to be the most logical and obvious choice when it comes to wearing pants in the summer heat.  

The Felix also comes in four seasonal options - a beautifully heathered “dress” blues, a powdery “galaxy” blue, a classic khaki, and a smooth charcoal gray. Because this is a seasonal pant, especially for those of us living on the East Coast, the Felix won’t be here forever. As a smaller brand, we don’t have the inventory space as we prepare for the incoming Fall collections coming in as well. In other words, get them while you can because they won’t be here for long!

As always, we would love to hear from you! We are blessed to belong to such a responsive and engaging community of shorter guys and it’s you who often give us the feedback we need to keep proving you the best clothes for the shorter man. Please reach out to us at or DM us on Instagram at @under_510 whenever you have something to say.

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