Top 6 Short-Length Jackets for Shorter Men

Here we dive into the best jackets for short men! We are looking for those jackets that are styled to have a shorter overall length and will therefore fit a shorter man perfectly. These include jean jackets, Barn Jackets, Harrington jackets, sport coats/blazers, Leather biker jackets, and bomber jackets, all of which fall at the hip which elongates the legs and makes the shorter man look taller!

With Spring arriving, there is a short window (at least here in New York) when the weather is perfect for light jackets. That’s when the weather is in the 50’s or low 60’s and you need just one light layer to keep you comfortable. Fortunately, light outerwear can be some of the most fashionable pieces of clothing for a man. But as shorter guys, we must keep in mind getting a jacket that fits now lower than the hip, so we don’t look shorter than we actually are. So here is a list of top 5 light outerwear pieces for short men that you can take advantage of this Spring! 

  1. Denim Jacket - The most popular jacket during the Spring is undoubtedly the denim jacket. The denim jacket looks great with chinos and dresses up easily while giving a rugged edge to your look. What's especially great about denim jackets for shorter guys is that they run extremely short. That means most denim jackets will fit off the rack (except be careful for extra long sleeves!) and look proportionate to the shorter man’s build. Like all denim, they are built to last forever and only get better with age. Don’t shy away from picking up a vintage one! Also keep an eye out for denim-style trucker jackets in different fabrics like canvas or corduroy. under510-short-men-clothing-jean-jacketJean jackets are often cut in a short length, as seen here which allows it to fit a shorter man perfectly off the rack. Very few jackets are like that so the shorter man should take full advantage! ( under510-short-men-clothing-denim-jacketJean jackets, or denim jackets, are also easily dressed up with a button down shirt and tie, as seen on @iammrmartinez from Instagram. under510-short-men-clothing-white-jean-jacketDenim jackets also come in a wide range of colors- @the.mensch rocks a natural cream colored one on his Instagram page! under510-short-men-clothing-blake-scott-jacket  Denim jackets have become so iconic in style, they can also be found in other fabrics like suede, as seen here on @blakescott from IG. under510-short-men-clothing-jean-jacket-canvasThis denim style jacket seen here on @yonagrinberg is made from a heavy canvas  inspired by old workwear pieces. 
  2. Barn Jacket - The barn jacket is another great option when it comes to Spring light outerwear options. Typically found in earthy tones like army green and camel, barn jackets can come in quilted fabrics or canvas construction. Sometimes, you’ll see some with corduroy collars as well. Nevertheless, the barn jacket provides just enough warmth and casual coolness to your look and can also help you transition from Summer to Fall in addition to Winter to Spring. under510-short-men-clothing-barbour-wax-jacket-boufertMany consider the original barn jacket to be Britain's very own Barbour wax jacket. They look rugged, are rain repellant, but can be dressed up easily. (@barbour) under510-short-men-clothing-barn-jacket-army-greenHere is a more modern barn jacket worn by @the.mensch that is shorter in length and fits a shorter man perfectly off the rack. Notice how it dresses up with a pair of wool chinos and dress boots. 
  3. Harrington Jacket - Another workwear inspired jacket that looks great on shorter dudes is the Harrington jacket. Made from a light cotton twill, the simple design makes this something you’ll be able to wear year after year. The two button, popped-style collar along with aviation inspired flapped side pockets are some of the distinguishing details on the Harrington jacket. Once more, the Harrington jacket was designed in a shorter length (for driving) so it will fit a shorter man perfectly! under510-short-men-clothing-harrington-jacket-coatThese two modern Harrington jackets wear well on the shorter man because they fall above the hip - and come in fun colors like green! under510-short-men-clothing-coat-outerwearThis style is smartly topped off with a beautiful Harrington jacket in light gray. See how easily it dressed up with button down shirts and dress shoes. under510-short-men-clothing-best-short-jacketHere is another example of the Harrington jacket being dressed up. This time, in the original navy color and a cool polo shirt. ( the man who made the Harrington jacket the classic it is today is James Dean who wore it in the film "Rebel Without Cause" in red. The jacket went on to represent rebels in the 50's and 60's. 
  4. Blazer/Sport Coat - One type of outerwear that goes overlooked is a stylish blazer which can be a great transitional piece especially for those guys who need to be a little more dressed up. The key with suits and blazers for shorter guys is to make sure you are getting a jacket with a shorter length, usually indicated by an “S” after the size. You can get blazers in loads of colors and patterns so look for some that play off of the Spring color palette. Also pay attention to fabrics, and stay away from heavy wools and tweeds and go with looser weaves like Hopsack wool or cotton and linen blends. under510-short-men-clothing-sport-coatAs you can see, the blazer or sport coat can be a versatile and stylish option for shorter men - but make sure the jacket comes in the right length! @ethanwong styles his perfectly in this vintage inspired look. You can also break a suit up and wear it as a sport coat, but it will be easier if its made of a heavier fabric like this one @thedarknot is wearing. best-jackets-for-short-men-under-510-blazer-plaidYou can also make a big impression with sport coats. For example, @hespokestyle wears this mega fun sport coat with a pair of jeans and a tie. 
  5. Leather Moto Jacket - The edgiest of all jackets is the leather moto jacket. While black is the most traditional color for moto jackets, a shade of tan will be the most versatile while also aging beautifully over time (known as patina). Moto Jackets come in various subtle details like cross body zippers and zip up sleeves. We always feel like something sleek and minimalist is the best and most timeless and versatile. You can style them with casual looks like jeans and a henley, but also pair them with dressier looks for a daring and distinctive Jonas is one of the most stylish Short Kings out there and when he wears something, we try to take notice. Here, he rocks two types of leather biker jacket. The first is a brown leather motto style jacket with the iconic horizontal zip closure. See how it doesn't extend past his hip, which allows it to make him look taller. ( second jacket is a sleek black leather biker jacket with minimal details. This makes for a sexy and clean profile that looks good on everyone! (, @ethanwong rocks the original biker jacket, a Schott NYC Perfecto jacket. This photo really accentuates the shorter length and stylish versatility of the biker jacket. best-jackets-for-short-men-under-510-clothing-asian-men-leather-jacket2020 has been crazy thus far, and this biker jacket-wearing stud rocks his with a mask. best-jackets-for-short-men-under-510-clothing-wolverine-hugh-jackmanThe biker jacket has also been worn in many Hollywood movies. Most notable is this jacket worn by Hugh Jackman in his role as X-Men's own Wolverine. ( famous biker jacket wearing badass is Tom Cruise, who wore one in his role for Mission Impossible. (
  6. Bomber Jacket - Last on our list of short jackets for short men is the bomber jacket. The bomber jacket, although originally made for military personnel, has become extremely popular in recent years, especially with casual streetwear enthusiasts. The defining feature on bomber jackets is the circular collar and elastic hem. They come in an endless variety of fabric combinations, including satin, leather, wool, or cotton. One variation of the bomber jacket is the varsity jacket, which has a melton wool body and leather sleeves. Overall, the bomber jacket can give your look a youthful punch this Spring! best-jackets-for-short-men-under-510-clothing-rami-malek-jacketRami Malek, who recently won an Oscar portraying the late great Freddie Mercury, rocks this all black varsity jacket. The defining features are the short length, leather sleeves, and wool body. (@ramimalek) best-jackets-for-short-men-under-510-clothing-alpha-jacketBombers also come in many different fabrics - this one here is iconic for its nylon shell. (Alpha Industries)best-jackets-for-short-men-under-510-clothing-black-bomber-jacketThis bomber has a nylon body but is capped with a faux-fur collar for a more functional option. The all-black monochrome look is also essential for looking badass and slick. best-jackets-for-short-men-under-510-clothing-bomber-jacketThis suede bomber, worn by @iammrmartinez on IG, is a great option if you want something a bit more dressy. We also love the two way zippers for ease of motion. best-jacket-for-short-men-varsity-jacket-bomberHere, @the.mensch wears his varsity jacket with wool trousers. This jacket is extremely short and thus looks great on a shorter man. See how it falls at the belt and elongates the legs? 

That completes our list for best short lengthed jackets for short men! Remember that the key to dressing well as a short guy is not to hide your stature but to find ways to dress proportionally to complement your height. We never want to overcompensate because that can often bring attention to our height - we would rather have people notice how well we are dressing as a guy and not even think about our height as a factor. 

Under 510 is here to bring you the best there is in clothing for short men - hopefully we will be able to add jackets for short men soon! But for now, check out our shirts, jeans, chinos, dress pants, and more for short men. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at any time!

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