Before we get started, we always recommend trying a few sizes of our pants or shirts, especially if this is your first time ordering with us. Thanks to our free returns policy, you can get yourself into a size that fits, and exchange or return the ones that don't, free of charge!

This simple video will show you how to figure out what your inseam size is!

How to find pants that fit:  

Finding the right fit has always been a struggle for us shorter guys. Pants are too long and baggy and often accentuate our short height rather than making us look taller and leaner. We need to eliminate the excess fabric that bunches at the ankle, knee, and around the calf. Our pants have a slim-tapered fit that is going to give you a modern silhouette. With the right fit, you're going to look and feel significantly better, and that's what we're here to make happen!

First let's start with finding your correct pants size and then we'll work on finding your shirt size. There are probably a lot of new pants size combinations you're going to be seeing on our site, so let's make sure you have the perfect size for you.

But what does "men's pants size" mean? Men's pants sizes come in a combination of 2 numbers, first the waist size number, then the inseam size number. The waist size refers to the circumference of the pants waistband and usually for men spans from 28" - 40"+ inches. The inseam length refers to the length of the pant leg and usually comes in lengths from 30" - 36" but of course those sizes usually don't fit shorter guys - so our pants start at 25" and go up to 29" inseams!

Now let's talk about how to find and measure your waist and inseam sizes for men's pants:

What is your inseam size?

Inseam Length By Height For Men

Don’t Want to Measure Your Inseam? Use our SUGGESTED sizing to calculate your inseam length:

Your Height Recommended Inseam Length

Up to 5’4"

25" - 26” inseam


26” inseam


27" inseam


27" inseam


28” inseam

5’9” and Above

29” inseam

Converting Metric Height to US Height & Recommended Inseam Size

Your Height in CM Your Height in Feet & Inches Recommended Inseam in CM Recommended Inseam Length

Up to 162.5 cm

Up to 5'4"

63.5 cm or 66 cm inseam

25" or 26” inseam

165 cm


66 cm inseam

26” inseam

167.5 cm


68.5 cm inseam

27" inseam

170 cm


68.5 cm inseam

27" inseam

172.5 cm


71 cm inseam

28” inseam

175 cm & Above

5'9" & Above

73.5 cm inseam

29” inseam

What is a men's pants inseam?

This is the length of your pant leg from the crotch seam down to the bottom of the pant. Most retailers only offer men's inseams down to 30 inches so you have never really seen sizes that are made for you (without tailoring). See below to accurately measure and to find your proper inseam length.

Here is simple way to measure your inseam length:  

  1. Put on a pair of pants that you currently own and take note of the inseam size.
  2. Flip the cuff up to your desired length. Ideally, the pant leg should gently rest on the top of your shoes with little to no break.
  3. Take off the pants and measure the length of the cuff you flipped. Subtract that number from the pant's length size.

For example, if you put on pants with a 30" inseam and you flipped the cuff up 3 inches, order the 27" inch inseam length from Under 510.

how to measure inseam men

How do you find your waist size?

Your waist size is the measurement of the waist circumference around the top of the waistband. It is the first number on the label and should be the same on jeans, chinos, dress pants, and shorts for men.  

If you aren’t sure what your waist size is, here is what you can do to find it:

  1. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your waistline where you normally wear your pants.
  2. Subtract 4 inches from that measurement to get your pant waist size.  

Sizing for Our Pants

Pants Sizing Variations: Since each pant is made up of a unique fabric, they each fit a little bit differently. As a result, you may need to deviate from your typical waist size. Here is our current collection of pants with sizing recommendations based on fabric type and how the pant runs:

As you can see, each fabric that makes up our pants comes in a unique fabric with its own individual properties. Therefore, some may require deviations from your typical size

Jon 2.0 Performance Pants: Slim-tapered performance stretch dress pant. Available black, blue, and gray. Runs true to size, thanks to our upgraded fit from the original Jon Performance Pants. Our recommendation: For thin average, and athletic builds order your normal waist size. For brawny builds, size up one waist size. If between sizes, size up (or better yet, order two sizes and return the ones that don't fit as well with for free!).

Tyson Jogger - Lux fleece jogger sweatpants in shorter inseams lengths. The best sweatpants for short legs! Runs true to size, but due to the elastic waistband, we recommend the following: For slim builds, size down, but for all other body types, order normal waist size. If between sizes, size down.

Bruce Jeans: Slim-tapered stretch jeans in a slubby, classic textured, midweight fabric. Available in blue, gray, and black. Runs true to size. Our recommendation: For thin, average, athletic builds, buy your normal waist size. For brawny builds, size up 1 waist size.

Kingston Jeans: Solid colored jean in an extremely stretchy and comfortable fabric. Available in black, gray, and indigo. Our recommendation: For slim, average, athletic and brawny builds, order normal size. If between sizes, size down.

Xavier Jeans - Classic styled jean made from genuine Sorbtek stretch denim. Available in Raw Wash, and Light Wash. Our recommendation - for slim, average, athletic, and brawny builds, order your normal waist size. If between sizes, size down.

Simon 2.0 Chinos: 5-pocket mid-weight chino in stretch twill fabric with a velvety brushed finish. Runs true to size. For all builds, order your normal waist size.  

Getaway Chinos: (Currently Unavailable) Lightweight summer chino in a stretch, lux cotton twill fabric. Runs slim on the leg - For slim and average builds order your normal waist size. For athletic and brawny builds size up on the waist. If between sizes, size up.

Felix Flex Golf Pant (Currently Unavailable)Ultra lightweight golf pant performance chino in moisture wicking fabric.  Runs true to size. For all builds, order your normal waist size.

Waist & Inseam Length Size Chart

25 Inch Inseam 26 Inch Inseam 27 Inch Inseam 28 Inch Inseam 29 Inch Inseam



















































How to find shirts that fit:

Button down shirts are another menswear item that has frustrated short men forever. Shirts are often way too long and baggy in the overall length in the sleeves relative to the chest and neck measurement. It's the reason we made tucked and untucked shirts that have a proportionately stellar fit on a shorter man.

Our shirts are sized to fit a shorter man properly, without any alterations. We designed our shirts to fit and feel like a custom tailored shirt. The shirts are made and proportioned specifically for men under 5'10. Our cut is narrower through the shoulders, slimmer through the torso, and shorter overall in length.
































Finding the right neck Size:

The neck size of your shirt is simply the circumference of the collar. Here are two methods to find it:

  1. Check the collar size of your favorite dress shirt on the label. If you can't find it, you can lay it down on a flat surface and flatten out the collar horizontally. Then measure the distance from button hole to button.
  2. Another method is to use a measuring tape and measure the base of your neck - but make sure not to make it too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably under the measuring tape.

The red line around the inside of the collar represents how we measure collar size on our dress shirts

Finding the right sleeve length:

This one is tricky; it is NOT the distance from the shoulder seam down to the bottom of the shirt cuff. Rather, it is the distance from the center of the back of the collar, down along the shoulder and down to the bottom of the shirt cuff. (You would notice the former is wrong because most shirts are offered in sleeve sizes starting at 32" and the distance from the shoulder seam to the shirt cuff is going to be much less than that.)  

Here is how to find your sleeve length size:

  1. You can check the sleeve length of your favorite dress shirt by laying it on a flat surface and measuring from the center of the back of the collar down to the bottom of the cuff.
  2. If the shirt you are using is too long, simply subtract the excess length from the sleeve measurement. For example, if the shirt length is 35" and it is 3" inches too long, your proper sleeve length is 32".
  3. While wearing a t shirt, you can also measure by using a measuring tape and measuring the distance from the center of the back of your neck, down your shoulder and arm to your wrist.

Here is a visual of how we measure the sleeve length for our dress shirts for short men!

Finding the overall length:

A shirt's body length is measured from the center of the back, from the top of the collar to the bottom hem of the shirt. You can easily find this number by laying a shirt with buttons fastened, facing down on a flat surface. Measure the distance in inches from the bottom of the center of the collar down the the hem.

Here is a visual of how we measure the overall length of our dress shirts!

As always, we love to hear from our amazing community of short men! It's your feedback that allows us to improve and offer the best in clothing for short guys. For any sizing, styling, or general inquiries, please contact us at and let us know your thoughts!

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