Welcome to our returns center!

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction is our number one priority. But before you submit your return request to us, we would like to get you clothes in the correct size or length, that fit better, or are in a color you like more. Oftentimes, customers order just one size and the product doesn’t fit - but don’t realize another size will! This is especially true when you are seeing sizes you haven’t seen anywhere else. 



Sorry you didn’t get the right fit you were looking for. If the product didn’t fit right, we want to make sure we can replace it with something that does fit. Most fit issues can be resolved by simply ordering a different size. Most commonly, pants are too tight on the first try, but sizing up will open up the leg and make them fit better. Each item on our site fits differently due to the fact that each product is made of unique fabrics with specific properties. Some run slimmer, some are super stretchy, etc. 

Here is a guide to our pants so that you can make the proper adjustments and get something that will fit correctly the second time around. 

Jon: Runs slimmer than our other pants. Our recommendation: For thin builds, order your normal waist size. For average or athletic builds, size up one waist size. If you are brawny, size up two waist sizes. 

Bruce: Runs true to size. Our recommendation: For thin, average, athletic builds, buy your normal waist size. For brawny builds, size up 1 waist size. 

Kingston: Has extremely stretch fabric. Our recommendation: For slim and average builds, size down on the waist. For athletic and brawny builds, order normal size. 

Simon: Runs true to size. For all builds, order your normal waist size.  

Getaway: Runs slim on the leg - For slim and average builds order your normal waist size. For athletic and brawny builds size up on the waist. If between sizes, size up.

Felix Flex: Runs true to size. For all body types order your normal waist size.

If you still need help with sizing, feel free to chat with us, or email us at support@under510.com 

Once you know which size you want, make sure we have it in stock by going to the product page and clicking on the correct size. If it’s in stock, then click here and request an exchange for that item. By placing the exchange request rather than a return, you will also ensure that you get the bundle deal pricing if you are only exchanging part of your original order. 

For example, if you ordered 3 jeans for $120, and one doesn’t fit, find the correct size and place an exchange request. Once we approve the request, we will set aside the jeans and send you a free return shipping label via email. After we receive your shipment in our warehouse, we will ship out the items you are exchanging for.        


It’s also quite common for guys to order pants that are too long because we carry inseams you’ve probably never seen before. To figure out which inseam is going to you correctly, flip the cuff on the jeans upward until you are happy with wear the pants end. Then measure the length of the cuff and subtract it from the length of the pants. For example, if you bought a 29” inseam and flip the cuff up 2 inches, order the 27” inseam this time. 


If you are returning part of a bundle deal, please note that we will only refund you for the price you would have paid had you ordered that quantity originally.

For example, if you ordered 3 jeans for $120, and are returning one pair, you will receive a refund of $20, making the price of your order $100, since two pairs of jeans is $100. OR if you ordered 2 jeans for $100 and are returning one pair, you will receive $40 back, since the price of one pair of jeans is $60 without a bundle.  This is also why it’s in your best interest to exchange and try a different size - If you exchange part of a bundle you will retain the bundle price of your original order.     


 If you didn’t like the color or fabric, there may be another color or fabric available you may like more. In this case, you can place an exchange request for the color that you want. For example, if you ordered a Bruce Jean but want something with more stretch, the Kingston is the way to go. Or if you ordered the Jon dress pants in black but realize you would prefer the gray, you can easily exchange for that color.    

To continue to our returns center, where you can request a return or exchange, click the button below:



Free and easy for 14 days from receipt of purchase in all 50 United States. We provide a pre-paid return shipping label upon return approval. Seal the box, affix the label, and drop off at your nearest shipping location. Please ensure that the items are unworn, unwashed, and undamaged. If this is not the case we can reasonably decline your refund.  After 14 days we do not accept returns. In the event of a return, the relevant multiple-buy, coupon, or promotional discount will not apply and the refund will be reduced accordingly.  For International returns, please e-mail us.


Free and easy for 14 days in all 50 states. For International exchanges, please e-mail us. To expedite the process, please email us here and we will investigate for you.

Upon confirmation that shirts are in good order, we will ship out replacements immediately.


Returns usually require 4-7 days to be fully processed at our warehouse. You will receive an email notifying you when processing is complete. The credit should appear on your credit card account 24-48 hours later. In the event of a return, the relevant promotional discount will not apply and the refund will be reduced accordingly.