About Us

Under 5'10 provides amazing quality, properly fit clothes at traditional off the rack prices for short men and men under 5'10.  

Purple Gingham Shirts for men under 510

Model is 5'6 and is wearing a Size M Purple Micro Gingham Button down Shirt


Why I started a fashion brand for men under 5'10

After being a frustrated 5'7 male shopper for too many years, I had the idea to make high quality, properly fit & competitively priced clothing for men who are under 5'10.

After a day at the mall and trying on hundreds of shirts from 15 different stores, I once again walked out empty handed. All of the shirts I tried on had sleeves that were too long, overall shirt length was way too long & the neck was way too large. One consistency was the overall billowy effect of all the shirts feeling more like a drape than a shirt made for me.

When I got home, I started my research. I quickly learned why I was having such a tough time in this seemingly simple desire to find clothes which fit me properly. The average male height in the US is 5'10. The mass manufacturers are cutting clothing around this average male height to hit the broadest audience possible (I don’t blame them).


I started asking others who are under 5'10 if they were experiencing the same frustration. The answer was absolute, yes. Their solutions were what got me motivated to start this company. They were all either 1) wearing clothes that don’t fit them properly 2) spending a ton on custom clothing or 3) buying off the rack and paying for a tailor to correct the ill-fitting clothes.

I knew I had identified a potential market, but there was still a ton to learn. I was encouraged to learn that there are 32 million men in the US who are under 5'8. 32 Million seems like a large enough audience for me to justify getting into this space. I have run and operated numerous e-commerce companies but did not know the first thing about fabrics, clothing manufacturing, sizing and so much more.

This past summer I was introduced to an expert in mens shirt manufacturing. When I told him my dream of creating a men’s fashion brand for men who are Under 5'10, he immediately jumped on the opportunity and became my first advisor in getting this business going.

My team immediately set out to for the perfect manufacturer who could blend working with an outside the box idea, have a history of making top quality constructed men’s clothing, cost-efficient enough so we don’t have to price our products like custom clothes but at the same time are not running a sweatshop with child labor.

Manufacturing: After months of research and phone conversations, I flew out to Honduras, in November 2017, to meet and tour the facility of a fantastic family run manufacturer who was so like-minded to our mission and ethics & mission that we immediately joined the family.

Sizing: The next good fortune was my introduction to Catherine Iger who had spent the past couple of years starting a company called Fittery with her partner Greg Vilines. To summarize, Fittery was founded to help men find the perfect fit clothing from all of the mass manufacturers based on their dimensions. What they had compiled was a substantial database of measurements of males in the US. Catherine was very enthusiastic about our concept, and she immediately offered to jump on board in helping to create new sizing for our target market. We took this a step further when we decided to purchase Fittery’s database at the end of December 2017 to perfect sizing for our demographic based on analytics and data science.


About our shirts

Fabrics:  We selected a top quality mix of fabrics to create our first collection.

Construction:  We worked with our factory through all details of stitching, buttonhole placements, collar heights, cuff lengths and hundreds of more components to constructing an awesome shirt.

Samples:  When developing a new product, it is expected to have many versions made and iterated until reaching the final product. We did that (& banged our heads against the wall many times along the way)


About our Fit

Sized to fit a shorter man properly. A trim, tailored look specially proportioned for men under 5'10. Narrower through the shoulders, slimmer through the torso, and a shorter overall length


Our shirts are all made with proper sleeve and body length, as well as narrower arms and scaled down collars and cuffs. Features a proportionally scaled collar, slimmer arms, tapered body and proper sleeve length.


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