The Best Short & Fat Men's Clothes from Under 510

The Best Short & Fat Men's Clothes from Under 510

Here we discuss why it's been so hard for short and fat guys to find clothing that fits - and why our clothes will actually fit and make you look slimmer and taller!

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Clothes for Short & Fat Guys

Taking a closer look aT our clothes for short fat men and why they will make you look and feel your best!  

Finding clothes for short guys is hard enough - but add to the mix having a short and fat (we prefer to use terms like broad or brawny) body type and things get even more difficult. Having a short pant inseam is extremely difficult as it is, but even that isn’t the answer. There are a few more factors that go into buying clothes if you’re a short and heavy set guy. Today we’ll take a look at those factors so that you can get clothing that fits, looks great, is comfortable, and most importantly, won’t break the bank.

We'll go through the 3 main factors that go in to getting the perfect outfit for short and fat men when it comes to stylish clothes!  



1. Fit

If you are short and heavy, you’re going to need shirts and pants that look proportionate to your body type. Clothes that are too long will only make you look stumpier. Additionally, you need something that is slimming. That is achieved in both shirts and pants by having a tapered fit. For shirts that means something that is trim in the sleeves and body. For pants, that means having a tapered leg from the knee down, so that it follows the natural contours of the body. When your shirts are billowy and your pants are straight cut, you’ll miss the opportunity to give off a slimmer appearance.

Our shirts are specifically designed to have shorter sleeves and overall length which is the first key to getting something that fits. Secondly, we’ve designed our bigger sizes to accommodate a larger neck size, but still retain a slim arm hole and sleeve. The body of the shirt is slim but not tight which means it drapes really well even on a guy with a bigger gut. Our XL shirts can fit someone with a neck size of 17” and can be worn tucked in or untucked. Plus we have both dress shirts and casual shirts.

Our pants collection, which currently includes dress pants, chinos, jeans, and joggers, are all specifically made to have a tapered leg that follows the shape of your body. That means that your silhouette will be sleek and slimmer than anything made in a straighter cut. We also carry waist sizes up to 40” in select jeans (Bruce Gray and Bruce Black) and 38'' in almost everything else so you can almost certainly find something that works for you.

the best clothes for short fat men

What’s important to understand is that as you go up in sizes both in shirts and pants (on the waist), the rest of the proportions will increase too. So if you try jeans in 38” waist but the leg is too tight, if you size up to the 40” size waist, the leg will be looser. Similarly, if you try a Large shirt, but it’s too tight on the chest, or the sleeves are too short, the Extra Large will be looser in those areas.

Notice how all of these burlier dudes are looking slim and mighty rather than short and stumpy - that's because our pants feature a skinny fit (slim with a tapered leg) which gives the the entire silhouette a more masuline V shape.

2. Fabric

If you’re a short fat guy, the fabric that makes up the clothes you wear is especially important. Most likely, you’re going to want something with a little stretch and give in it so it can expand when you need it to. Years ago, short fat guys were forced to buy pants with elastic waistbands. But those can be unsightly and sometimes have their limits. Plus, the rest of the pant wasn’t stretchy, so the only area that really moved with you was the waist. And the same goes for shirts, except there was no magic elastic clothing brands could put on a shirt to make it more flexible and malleable. I’m sure many guys had the problem where shirts would tear on seams or stress points such as the elbow.

We’ve engineered ALL of our clothes to have stretch in them. Some fabrics have more stretch than others though. For example, our Kingston Jeans are so stretchy they honestly feel more like sweatpants or track pants than they do denim! Another crucial thing to note is that we make sure the waistband is extremely stretchy as well as the rest of the jean. So you won’t be blowing out the crotch seam any time soon. Additionally, dress pants are usually hard to find in stretch fabrics - but our Jon Dress Pants have unbelievable four-way stretch but still look formal and sharp. Trust me, you won’t believe how comfortable our pants are. If you’re a heavier guy, it’ll be a life-saver.

Our dedication to stretchy and comfortable fabrics also extends to shirts as well. We’ve recently got our hands on a stretch poplin dress shirt fabric that is crazy comfortable and lightweight. For bigger guys, these shirts are a real game changer. They have the stretch and the comfort but also the look of a classic dress shirt to go with all your formal outfits!

All of our jeans, chinos, dress pants, and trousers were designed with short and fat men in mind - each features a high tech stretch fabric that moves with you and still looks great. Even our dress shirts has tons of stretch!

3. Styles & Patterns

If you’re a short fat guy, there are certain styles of clothing you’re going to want to favor while others you’ll want to avoid. For example, you’re going to want to say away from big bold patters like checks and plaids, and horizontal lines. You’ll also want to stay away from light colors as they can accentuate curves.

On the other hand, darker colors and solid or subtle patterns can be your best friend. Smaller checks are totally wearable and darker colors will hide curves. We’ve made sure to carry all of the most versatile colors men can wear - black, blue, and gray - and still have mixed some other fun colors like khaki, and light blue, into our collections.

Those dark colors will look great on bigger, fatter guys and will make them look taller and leaner. You can still have fun and mix in some patterns like our check shirt, or slubby oxfords shirts, but the important thing is that these patterns aren’t going to accentuate or amplify your body shape. Be sure to check out our blog 'Top 7 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Shorter' for more styling tips!

heavy twill dress shirt for short men white

Ivan Martinez (@iammrmartinez) is shown wearing our Jon Dress Pants in blue. Notice how the dark color, and slim fit is extremely flattering on his broader frame and gives him a sleek and muscular appearance!

As our good friend Greg T from 103.5KTU so graciously exhibits, large patterns on shorter and fatter guys are not flattering!

In this photo, Ivan Martinez (@iammrmartinez) is again showing the versatility of our dress pants and styles them with a smart summer outfit that includes a blazer and lightweight sweater.


In summary, short and fat guys clothing brands have been few and far between. Under 510 has you covered by offering shirts and pants in larger sizes and in fits and colors that will make you look leaner, slimmer, and taller. As always, if you have any recommendations, questions, or suggestions for clothing you’d like to see us make, reach out to us at and we will be sure to get back to you. We very much appreciate hearing feedback from our supportive community of short, and short and fat, guys!  

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