Activewear for Short Men

Activewear for Short Men

Activewear For Short Men

Taking a dive into our activewear collection for 2020 including jogger sweatpants in short lengths, french terry crewneck sweatshirts, shorts, hoodies, and t-shirts made for exercise, lounging around, and zoom meetings.

When you look at the trending styles in menswear, you can’t help but notice that the most popular styles right now are activewear related. That includes, joggers, trackpants, athletic tops (which include t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts made of stretchy, moisture wicking fabrics), shorts, and even chinos. The common denominator for athletic wear is that they are all constructed for the modern man on the move, consisting of comfortable fabrics that are easy to wear and easy to style.


What’s obvious is that men want to avoid now dated, pure fabrics like 100% cotton, nylon or wool since they often wrinkle, crease, and most of all, do not move with them. Guys want clothes that first and foremost are comfortable and don’t constrict movement. And this doesn’t only go for traditional activewear apparel like shorts and t-shirts, but for all types of menswear items such as dress shirts, suits, jeans, and chinos. Sure, when you’re in the gym, or on the blacktop, you need something that allows you to exercise freely. But who wouldn’t want a dress shirt with some stretch for when they’re running for the 7PM train?

Luckily, there has been a cultural shift in men's style in the past few years that has called for a relaxing of dress code in corporate and small businesses alike. Of course, you can wear suits that feel like sweatpants to work, but you could also wear literal sweatpants to work in most places and no one will bat an eyelash! What’s more, during the current, work-from-home (WFH) climate, guys want something that they can wake up, do some Peloton, and then attend a Zoom meeting in.

The problem is, lots of activewear comes in very limited sizing: for example, joggers often only come in one length (usually around 30” inseams) and t-shirts are only made for muscular guys of average-to-above-average height. Activewear chinos, which are priced at a premium to begin with, almost always require more tailoring in the form of a hem or a taper, which costs you both money and time.

Our Tyson Joggers paired with a burgundy french terry crewneck sweatshirt

And that is why Under 510 is introducing our outerwear collection this fall! Shorter guys, which include anyone below average height in America (Which is roughly 5’10) should not be excluded from this industry explosion of activewear for men. We’re here to make sure you can get stylish activewear pieces for your wardrobe that fit, look great, and most importantly are more affordable than those other guys (you know who they are)!

Our activewear collection for Fall 2020 will include: The Tyson Jogger, French Terry Crewneck, Active T-Shirt, and join the Hybrid Hoodie, Functional Fleece Hoodie..

Let’s discuss each of our Activewear essentials for short men in depth and highlight what makes each of them unique.

Tyson Jogger

After perfecting the modern stretch jean, we found that comfort is often the deciding factor when guys are buying clothes. After branding our fan favorite Kingston Xtreme Stretch Jeans, as “the jeans that wears like sweatpants”, we naturally were interested in finding just that - a fabric for sweatpants! After sorting through swatches of fabrics, we finally settled on a wonderful, luxurious fleece fabric that checked all of the boxes. We had made the best sweatpants for short men!

From the exterior, the fabric has a slight sheen to it, which makes it more refined and wearable in casual settings than traditional sweats. We wanted to make sure the Tyson jogger wouldn’t look like loungewear, but more like casualwear that you could lounge in. They look great with a t-shirt or hoodie on the couch, but even better with a polo or button down out in town. The Tyson features zip pockets to protect your valuables, and elastic ribbing on the cuffs and waistband for casual-cool comfort.

On the interior, the fabric really shines; the fleece is not fuzzy and pilly commonly found in Activewear, but buttery smooth and breathable. The fabric has a tight knit which allows it to retain its shape while stretching any way you move. We also wanted something that could be worn all year round and in any situation. That means it needs to be breathable and never sweaty (maybe soggy is the more accurate term) so they won’t weigh you down during a workout, and also suitable for casual wear in mild climates (like Florida) and transitional seasons (Fall/Spring), not just mid-winter.

Stylistically, they have side slash pockets with metal zipper closure, and metal tips on the drawstring. They have jogger styled cuffs at the hem for a slimmer and more sleek silhouette.

The Tyson Jogger Sweatpants in Gray paired with a black henley t-shirt

The Tyson short jogger pants come in two crucial inseams, 26” and 28”, that will fit the short man perfectly off the rack. We released the Tyson Jogger in black this summer and have now added a heather gray color too! You can wear these sweatpants for short men with a polo shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, or crewneck sweatshirt. Remember, joggers in short lengths are especially great for showing off your sneakers because the short inseams are made to rest above the shoe. So don’t be afraid to wear your best kicks with them!

The Tyson Jogger for shorter guys comes in waist sizes (instead of more generic S-L sizes) so you can get a waist size that fits you. The waistband is significantly stretchy though so consider sizing down, especially if you want a slimmer look. These sweatpants are also great for short fat guys because we carry 38” waist sizes which can also stretch up to two inches. So we heard you guys - you wanted short jogger pants, and short sweatpants in shorter lengths and we made it happen. Just buy them quickly and don’t miss out because they’re selling fast!

French Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt

We spent the Summer looking for the best french terry fabrics with the hopes of making a perfect, 4-season, crewneck sweatshirt. We wanted something that was comfortable, breathable, and most of all, perfect for layering - And we found what we were looking for. Our french terry has a tight-knitted weave that stretches but doesn’t lose shape when stretched or washed. Additionally, it has a wonderfully smooth hand-feel and a look that can be dressed up as easily as it does dress down. The inside of the fabric has those signature terry loops (like a towel!) that makes it super comfortable with or without a shirt beneath it. Best of all, it has all these qualities with no added synthetics - it is 100% cotton!

One of the many appeals of the french terry cotton crewneck is that you can wear it alone for a casual vibe, but also dress it up by layering it with a button down!

What really puts the French Terry Crewneck in the class of activewear is that it works as a great option for light exercise. For example, it pairs perfectly well with our aforementioned Tyson Joggers for a brisk Fall-morning stroll. The stretch and breathability also makes it a good option for light indoor activities like weight lifting and pull-ups. The terry loops on the inside of the fabric also makes it disperse sweat for a moisture wicking feel. Think of how a towel can absorb moisture and then dry relatively quickly when it is the right fabric.

We’re offering the French Terry Crewneck in four classic seasonal colors; navy blue, burgundy, heathered charcoal, and olive green. They go great with jeans and boots, or over an oxford button down shirt with our signature Jon Dress Pants.

Active T-Shirt

We’ve also added a classic t-shirt made from a quick-drying fabric that belongs in every guy’s gym back. It’s lightweight and crazy stretchy which means it is made to perform under the sweatiest of workouts. Of course, we made sure to keep the design as basic as possible so that you can wear it in a variety of settings and conditions. You can wear it with shorts, but also with jeans and chinos. The active t-shirt is also a fantastic layering piece for using as a base layer under button downs, hoodies, or sweatshirts. You can even wear it as an undershirt! The active t-shirt comes in a versatile charcoal gray, which pairs well with any colored bottoms. Of course, it comes in a shorter length to fit short men, and has a slim fit through the chest and sleeves with room to breathe in the body.

Hybrid Hoodie

The first hoodie for short men we made was the hybrid hoodie - we call it hybrid hoodie because it’s a blend between a lightweight jacket and a soft lux-fleece hoodie. The body area is made from a lightly padded nylon that provides just the right amount of insulation and air flow. The sleeves, back, and hood are made from a super smooth and luxurious fleece that is warm and lightweight. We’ve added some details like a high funnel neck to keep wind out, thumb holes on the cuffs, and a hidden interior pocket. The result is an exceptionally equipped companion for anything life throws at you. It is most suitable for pairing over an active t-shirt, and wearing for a chilly morning jog or workout. But it also looks so good, you can easily throw it over a button down and wear it with sleek Kingston Xtreme Stretch Jeans or Jon Performance Pants.

Functional Fleece Hoodie

We then wanted an activewear hoodie that had more of a traditional fleece feel. We found a fabric that was mid-weight and had moisture wicking properties and then added some details to make it more appropriate for an active lifestyle. The Functional Fleece Hoodie had zip pockets, an external chest pocket for valuables, raglan sleeves for ease of motion, a high funnel neck to block out wind, and thumbholes at the cuffs for additional protection against wind.

The Functional Fleece is stylish, cozy, and ready for action. Shown here with our Jon Performance Pants.

It is more than capable of providing enough performance for rigorous outdoor exercise on your Saturday morning jogs, but still casual enough to wear as loungewear with a t-shirt and joggers. It also is tailored to fit the short man with shorter sleeves and a shorter overall length. The fleece hoodie for shorter guys is available in sizes XS-XL and comes in a heather gray color.

The Anything Board Shorts

Rounding out our Activewear for Short Men Collection for 2020 is our Anything Board Shorts. We originally wanted to make a pair of shorts in shorter lengths to fit shorter legs but stumbled upon this perfect fabric for shorts that can literally do it all. These shorts are made of a supremely water resistant fabric that is great for swimming or chilling at the beach. They do not have a lining which makes them appropriate for exercise as well. So when you’re done tanning, you can go for a run on the boardwalk and feel perfectly comfortable.

Our Anything Board Shorts for shorter guys are perfect because of the short length and the versatility of the fabric. Style them with tees, polos, or nothing on top!

Of course, you can absolutely wear them at the gym too, both in the pool and on the treadmill, without missing a beat. They come in two fashionable colors; blue and gray and are cut in a shorter length so they hit slightly above the knee. The Anything Board Shorts are your swim shorts, bathing suit, jogging shorts, and casual shorts for short men. They’re the only shorts you’ll need! Pair them with tank tops, polo shirts, t-shirts and more!


Our Activewear Collection for shorter guys has you covered for an active lifestyle, but we made all of our clothes stylish enough to wear for lounging around or wearing around town too. Our shorts in short lengths, jogger sweatpants in short inseams, french terry crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts are all designed with the modern short guy in mind so give them all a try. Our goal is to bring our community of short guys the best clothes for short men, and to keep them affordable, so if you have any questions, recommendations, or just want to chat, call us at (516)-295-5900 or email us at when you have a chance. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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