Under 510 Denim Guide: The Bruce Jean VS Kingston Jean

Under 510 Denim Guide: The Bruce Jean VS Kingston Jean

Not all jeans are alike. Most guys are wearing jeans that are too long and far too uncomfortable - which is why we made not one but two different types of jeans that will not only fit you at the perfect length, but are also insanely comfortable. 

Although both our Bruce and Kingston jeans are made of a stretch denim fabric, they are quite different. Of course, we encourage you to try both for yourself, but here’s why we decided to make both:


The fabric we chose for the Bruce jean is heathered (or slubby in the denim world) in texture, and looks more like a traditional jean. This is due to the fact that denim has “neps” (the white pieces you can touch and see) which gives it a rougher and more rugged feel. The Bruce is by no means rough and crunchy like jeans of old; ours has a soft hand feel and 7% stretch to make sure you have enough mobility for anything life throws at you.

What’s more, the Bruce will develop a beautiful fade pattern unique to you as you wear and wash them. This is especially the blue Bruce jean, which is made from legendary Cone Denim fabric and has gone through a unique dying process that produces an unmatched hue of indigo with wear and wash. As a side note, we recommend washing your Bruce jeans as little as possible to keep the color and fabric strong. 

The Bruce jean is perfect for the guy who wants a classic looking jean that can be dressed up or down and that has a modern slim fit. Coming in black, grey, and blue colors, a great way to rock them is with our chunky gray henley and a pair of our vegan sneakers. You can also throw our new fleece hoodie over it for a cozy, laid-back look. 


We call our Kingston jean “the Xtreme Stretch jean” for a reason. Whereas the Bruce has 7% stretch, the Kingston has a whopping 26% stretch making them the stretchiest and most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear! Customers often do squats after putting on our Kingston jeans because although they’re jeans, they wear like a sweatpant. It’s no surprise that the Kingston has become a go-to for frequent flyers, effectively ending your search for the perfect pant for long plane rides. 

The fabric itself is uniform in color and doesn’t feature the slubby texture of the Bruce jean. This makes them easier to dress up and dress down as they can almost pass for a chino under a jacket or sweater. Try pairing them with our oxford shirts, and throwing on new hybrid hoodie over it for a sleek and comfortable look. The Kingston now comes in 3 colors; black, indigo, and gray. We also recommend sizing DOWN one waist size since the waistband is so stretchy. 

So no matter which of our jeans you go for, you will get a slim and modern look with a whole lot of comfort. Most importantly, all of our pants come in shorter inseams that will actually fit you starting from as low as 25”  and up to 29". If you want to try any of our pants, feel free to order online, and remember, we offer free shipping and free returns, or visit any of our three New York fit stores to get fitted in person.

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