7 Accessories for Shorter Guys That Can Elevate Your Look

7 Accessories for Shorter Guys That Can Elevate Your Look

We’ve all heard it a bunch of times - “the most important thing about a man is his confidence, not his height” - and that’s true! But that doesn’t mean you should accentuate your stature if you can otherwise help it. One obvious method is to ditch baggy clothes that can give a stockier appearance for slimmer fits that will make you look leaner and taller. And Under 510 has all your clothing needs covered, from dressy to casual. 

But after dressing well, what else can a guy do to bring his style and creativity to the forefront? A great way to do that is to rock some awesome accessories. Again, the goal isn’t to hide your height, but rather exude confidence from other elements of your physical appearance. But by adding some accessories to a look, you communicate creativity, thoughtfulness, individuality, and confidence. So here is a list of our favorite accessories for a shorter guy! 

  1. Glasses - Getting a cool pair of glasses will make anyone look more stylish and cool - but it's especially important for the shorter guy. Not only will it freshen up your entire outfit, but it will force the attention of others to your face and force them to appreciate your personal style! What’s great about glasses is that they come in all shapes, colors, and styles so you can get something really unique to your taste. Trying on in store is always a good idea because it’s crucial a shorter guy gets something that is proportional to his face shape. Of course, if you don’t have a prescription you can still get a pair of glasses with light magnifying lenses (because who doesn’t need a bit of help reading these days) or blue light lenses to help the damage caused by electronic screens. Finally, the same can be true for sunglasses so definitely get a pair of sunnies that you absolutely love to wear for this summer!Image source: Popsugar.com

  2. Scarf - An extremely overlooked accessory for shorter guys is the scarf. The greatest thing about scarves is that they are both functional and fashionable. There are two fears when it comes to guys wearing scarves: First, some guys are worried they look femanine - but to that we say “NONSENSE!” for if you have the right scarf it will look distinguished and masculine. Plus, when slim fit pants first starting gaining traction a decade ago, it also took time for guys to get used to it. Secondly, guys sometimes think of scarves as thick, woollen, itchy, and uncomfortable. But scarves come in much smoother and finer fabrics like merino wool, cashmere, or even silk and feel luxurious and comforting around your neck. And try something in a more subdued print, like a herringbone, instead of dated large plaids which can make you look smaller. The scarf  is especially great for the shorter guy because it adds vertical dimension to his overall look. We want to avoid having horizontal lines which make shorter guys look stubbier and accentuate height with vertical patterns. Image source: lookastic.co.uk

  3. Beard - Although not a physical accessory, another great way to show personal style and accentuate a vertical profile is with your facial hair. A beard is perfect for showing off your masculine and creative side. It of course depends on your face shape, and genetic makeup for how you can style a beard. A long beard will make your face look longer but also make your lower half look shorter - so its best to strike a balance between stubble and a long beard. Something that gives your face some structure and depth. Obviously, you can play around with beard lengths and shapes, so have some fun with it. It really depends on your personal preference! Also account for your what you have going on up top - you also want to balance a beard with your haircut. And while we’re at it, if you’ve been blessed with good hair, try for something that tapers up to the top and gives you some volume!Image source: beardcorner.blogspot.com

  4. Watch - In today’s day and age, a lot of guys are wearing smartwatches and we think its a shame because a watch is a great way to express yourself and add some flare and coordination to your outfit. While picking a watch can be fun, it can also be tricky and finding the right watch, especially if you’re shopping online. For starters, a lot of modern watches are on the larger side, from 42-46mm wide. For guys looking for a sports watch, they end up with something that is way too big for their wrist. Try to find something that is between 34mm and 40mm. Aside from being more practical and sliding under a shirt cuff, a smaller watch will look more proportional on the shorter man. A large watch can sometimes take up a lot of real estate on your profile so logically it makes sense that a smaller watch will look more subtle and appropriate on a short man. There are a ton of options out there, and there is something out there for any budget. We always recommend looking for something Swiss made so you know it is going to stand the test of time - no pun intended!Image source: toddsnyder.com

  5. Hat - Hats can be tough to get right because there are a lot of different styles out there and it can get overwhelming. Plus, hats come in different sizes, shapes, and fabrics. Ideally, you want something that doesn't weigh you down but gives you a bit of height while showing off some personal style. You can get any hat including, a baseball cap, fedora, beanie, flat cap, and panama hat. Going to a hat store is definitely a good idea since, like when buying glasses, it can be difficult finding something that fits your style and face shape without seeing it in person. The key is to get a little out of your comfort zone and try something new. Our recommendation is trying for something with a bit of a crown (height) over something low profile so you get a bit of more vertical dimension.Image source: newsweek.comimage source: NME.comImage source: universityunion.syr.edu

  6. Tie - With workplace uniforms becoming increasingly casual, now is the time to show off some pizzazz with a tie. And you don’t have to wear a suit to rock a tie - you can easily dress a tie down with an oxford shirt, especially when you play around with fabrics, colors, and patterns. Some keys for shorter guys include making sure the length of the tie is correct - just so you know, Under 510 ties are the perfect length for shorter guys. The tip of the tie should touch the top of the belt and the last thing you want is to have the skinny side of the tie being longer than the wide side. Also make sure the tie isn't too wide or too skinny so it looks proportionate on you. Finally, try to avoid something with big patterns, like large plaids, checks, or dots so it doesn’t overpower your look.Image source: stylemotivation.com

  7. Belt - Finally, the last accessory on our list is a belt. A belt is often overlooked but plays a really important role in your look; it divides your body into two halves. So pay attention to the width of your belt and the size of your buckle. Make sure you have a slimmer belt and one that doesn’t contrast too much against your trousers. As shorter guys, we want to give ourselves a clean look with colors that blend well, because if you have high contrasts it will shorten the perceived length of your top and lower halves. When you have a well balanced look, it elongates your appearance. A slimmer belt will blend your halves together more cleanly than a wider belt. Additionally, a large buckle will take up a lot of space in your midsection and not only draw the attention of others down rather than up, but make you look shorter. A slim belt with a small buckle is the best way to go - but you can still have fun with your belts. Try different leathers, textures, buckle types and metal types and don't forget to coordinate your leather and buckle colors to your glasses, watch, and shoes!Image Source: Luca Faloni

Image Source: doctordaliah.wordpress.com


In conclusion, accessories can add a subtle and exciting pop to your outfit, and when done right, can give you a taller impression as well! Again, as short guys, we need to own our height and refrain from overcompensating, so have fun with it but don’t go overboard! Remember that the goal is not only to visibly make you look taller in stature, but also communicate that you are a confident individual who cares about the way he looks. 

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