Pants for Short Guys

Short men have been excluded for far too long when it comes to men's pants - that's why we're here for you! Most retailers only carry inseams starting at 30" which is simply too long for half of men!

Where to find clothes for short men?

We carry short inseams of 25" , 26" , 27" , and 28" in all your traditional waist sizes and pants for short guys in a number of different styles including chinos, jeans, dress pants, joggers, and golf pants. Shop clothes for shorter guys online or in our Long Island, New York store today.  

What makes our pants the best for short men? 

It is not enough for us to simply make generic pants in shorter lengths. Of course, offering shorter sizes for vertically challenged men is crucial to our brand, but we take the utmost pride in engineering the best of modern fabrics and construction to bring you the best menswear has to offer. 

Whether it be super stretch jeans, performance commuter style dress pants, lightweight chinos, or cozy joggers, our pants utilize the latest technology in fabric. For example, our Xavier jeans utilize revolutionary Sorbtek performance fabric comprised of recycled plastic bottles. 

How to find the right fit for short men's pants

Up until now, short me would be forced to hem every pair of pants before wearing them. But when you simply chop the leg of a pant off at the hem, the proportions of the rest of the pants is usually thrown off in the process. For example, the taper of the leg will be much wider than it should be.

Our pants are cut and engineered to fit the short man's proportions perfectly with no additional alterations. Our slim and tapered fits make shorter men look taller, skinnier, and younger than baggier pants or pants that have been hemmed. 

Under 510 is the best brand for short men's clothing and brings you unparalleled products, prices, customer service, and value. Give our pants a try and take advantage of our free shipping on orders of $150+ and free returns and exchanges every day.



Our joggers for short men are characterized by an elastic waist, and ankle opening. Those features, combined with a slim fit, makes for a comfortable and trendy look.

For a classic cotton stretch twill, try our Simon chinos. They're a perfect weight for wear year-round and look good in any setting. Our jeans also always use stretch denim and come in weights that are great for wear in summer, winter, and in between. If you're looking for premium commuter pants, our Jon Performance Pants look just as good dressed up - we even made a matching jacket for those short guys who need a suit.

With the rapidly evolving menswear space, there has never been more options for men's pants. Short guys unfortunately haven't been able to enjoy the same selection as men above average height. For instance, joggers do not have the ability to be hemmed, and it's impossible to find joggers in inseams that fit short men. Our pants for short men come in all the latest fabrics, from stretch to moisture wicking, and come in inseams that will fit your properly - no alterations needed.

black sweatpants in short length for men